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Missing you ask? No. I am here. However define ‘here’. Between welcoming our fourth monkey early in September, editing many family sessions, and playing nurse to sick kiddos one would think I would have time to post pictures of the adorable families and newborns I have gotten to work with. Alas my chubby new monkey needs to snuggle. Medication administered. Stories read too. The computer is probably sick of me too. If you are waiting to see something new I can promise you will be happy soon.

In the meantime what are your family traditions this time of year? I love being together as a family any time of year but it seems that we make more time to take time together. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is leftovers on Friday. The first Turkey dinner I made was when I was 15. My parents had divorced and it was our first one without going to families. Mom had to work. (she’s a nurse) So I decided to do the dinner myself. Well. Let’s just say that 10lb of potatoes was mashed then eaten between Thursday and Sunday by yours truly! I made my first turkey and I did a decent job. It wasn’t dry or anything. There was enough food for a family of 15 and we were just 3. Leftovers galore. Today I love that my kids pick what they want on their own from the fridge leftovers and tell me how much they love what they are eating. Normally it is a headache to get all three to eat the same thing. Seeing the excitement on the kids faces as they watch the parades in the morning. Watching M as he “calls” and then proceeds to devour the drumstick. Pulling out the Christmas decorations since Thanksgiving is officially over.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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