one year older… {baby mc| mesa, arizona photographer}

My little man is quickly turning one… like in two days time. He has been walking for months, eating us out of house and home, and smiling so much that my heart still melts when I see his blue eyes squinting through his chubber cheeks. What have I been up to? School started and I now have a sixth grader, a third grader and a kindergartner while little mc stays home with me. I am still on the board at our children’s school parent organization and just before summer joined up with the Cub Scouts as the Pack Committee Chairman. So I guess that I have kept busy. I have been working too. Clients are still a part of my weekly flow and I still love it. My turn around times have gotten a bit longer in some cases as editing with the family awake is pretty much impossible. So without anymore of my rambling I’ll get to it.

This year I would love to offer mini-sessions. I am working out the details but… you will be very pleased with it I promise. Here is a sweet one of my friends newest addition while you wait.

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