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In most other states here in the US people are pulling out their long sleeve shirts and scarves. Here in the lower southwest of Mesa, Arizona… I get to longingly look at other people donning their snuggly wear. I have problems with being ‘warm’ all the time. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing better than going to the movies and not feeling like I need to wear a snuggie but it has its drawbacks. I can’t wear cute collared shirts without breaking a sweat. I can never wear a scarf unless there are at least three feet of snow on the ground. And it breaks my heart not to be able to wear those cute gloves and hat sets as having my head and hands covered at the same time will make me melt. So if I could wear anything at all without dying of heat it would most definitely be an adorable layered tee, jacket and scarf with jeans and kicky boots. I simply love this time of year with a passion. Being in AZ clients do too. It is when we can layer without sweating to death for cuteness factor in pictures. Which is why this month through March are my super busy times. Clients come in for Christmas cards and family pictures when the weather makes it worth it to live in Arizona. We like to get out to corn mazes in October. Support local farms and enjoy the weather all at the same time. What are some things you love about this time of year in your state or area?

Don’t forget to get in the picture with your family! If you can’t afford a photographer please set the timer on your camera and have fun taking family photos so your children have YOU in the picture.  Love your family by getting in the picture.


We’ll end with a quick one from a sweet newbie session. Love those lashes on big brother.


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