Fahrenbruch Family | {Mesa, AZ Photographer}

This is one amazing family! They were so much fun to hang out with. They were getting ready to have a long distant family with two of the family members. Wow. They are so strong. I am a big baby… I don’t know if I am strong enough to let two family members be in other areas of the continent. Melissa, you are an amazing wife and mother! Thank you so much for letting me see the sweet fun side of your family.


Do you ever want so badly to make a difference in the world? I have felt for the past few years that I need to do more to really contribute to society and my community. This time of year I am running faster than my feet can carry me. Editing multiple sessions at a time while trying to teach our children about the real meaning of Thanksgiving, Family and being selfless. It makes me want to jump for joy when they have that ‘ah ha!’ moment. Being happy to be part of a loving family, giving to those who may need just a little bit of help, and learning not to be the self-absorbed toddler… mee mee mee is the goal for my family this time of year. We try year round but right now in November we make a point to serve others just a little more.  I hope you find yourself being more patient, less rushed, more understanding and more loving to your fellow man this holiday season.

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