Allen Baptism session, Lock up your daughters! | {Mesa photographer, Baptism photographer, 8 is great}

Doesn’t your heart just melt!?! This little man turned 8 and chose to follow the Savior into the waters of baptism. His beautiful mom wanted pictures to add to his book. When I say book I don’t mean a regular scrapbook. Nope. I mean an awesome, hardbound, huge, lasts generations book. It is a business she has. She will go into your family blog and put a book together for you! is her blog. Her prices are amazing. I can’t believe the time and talent she puts into each personal book. Consider using her to put your family ‘Yearbook’ together.

This guy is a heart breaker! Plus he is a smarty pants to match. Lock up your daughters. Well at least the 6-9 year olds. Check out those lashes. Mom said ‘good luck getting him to smile’. I have my tricks and it was a blast getting him laughing.

I loved this one on one session. It was so much fun working with mom and little man. Thanks again!

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