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Missing you ask? No. I am here. However define ‘here’. Between welcoming our fourth monkey early in September, editing many family sessions, and playing nurse to sick kiddos one would think I would have time to post pictures of the adorable families and newborns I have gotten to work with. Alas my chubby new monkey needs to snuggle. Medication administered. Stories read too. The computer is probably sick of me too. If you are waiting to see something new I can promise you will be happy soon.

In the meantime what are your family traditions this time of year? I love being together as a family any time of year but it seems that we make more time to take time together. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is leftovers on Friday. The first Turkey dinner I made was when I was 15. My parents had divorced and it was our first one without going to families. Mom had to work. (she’s a nurse) So I decided to do the dinner myself. Well. Let’s just say that 10lb of potatoes was mashed then eaten between Thursday and Sunday by yours truly! I made my first turkey and I did a decent job. It wasn’t dry or anything. There was enough food for a family of 15 and we were just 3. Leftovers galore. Today I love that my kids pick what they want on their own from the fridge leftovers and tell me how much they love what they are eating. Normally it is a headache to get all three to eat the same thing. Seeing the excitement on the kids faces as they watch the parades in the morning. Watching M as he “calls” and then proceeds to devour the drumstick. Pulling out the Christmas decorations since Thanksgiving is officially over.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Dean {newborn} | Mesa, AZ

This little man… rolls and all… was born at 26 weeks old! I was privileged to be invited into this sweet families home soon after baby Dean came home from the hospital. He was only on oxygen and looked amazing. He was 2 weeks gestation and oober squishy sweet! His parents want to preserve his tiny moments while they can as he is growing sooo quickly. I learned that at just a few weeks old dad could slip his wedding ring on Dean’s arm all the way up to his shoulder. Miracle blessings baby! Congrats Mama and Papa he is adorable.

Photo Challenge Submission

Mason {Infant} | Chandler, Arizona Newborn Photographer

Normally I work with newborns from brand spanking new to 12-14 days old. They sleep better, are squishier, haven’t lost their hair yet, and have little to no baby acne. Well this little one didn’t come to me so early. We celebrated his 8th week! the day of his session. He had really bad colic for the first while and mom knew that he wouldn’t cooperate yet at the same time knew that she didn’t want any more time to fly by before he was up and crawling. We had to work fast to get any shots of him sleeping. So this is my first infant session as of yet.

He did however feel the need to relieve him self every 20 minutes on mom… not once on dad. #1 is by far better than #2 over and over if you ask me. We just couldn’t stop laughing at how much he peed. It really had to be a record.

Mom and dad were so amazing and sweet to work with! They love to ride and wanted to use Dad’s vest as one of the props. I loved it! Thank you both so much for inviting me into your great home to catch this brief moment in time of your sweet family of three! Congratulations again!

Cosette 2 {Newborn} | Mesa, Arizona Newborn Photographer

Finally… no thunderstorms to make me turn of my computer as a precaution, no power outages from said storms or fires in the power stations, and the kiddos (baby belly included) were happy and patient while I completed the last of the debut of Cosette. This little one is just dreamy if you ask me.

Mama and Daddy are very smitten with her to say the least. Congratulations again.

This session was donated to such a wonderful family. I grew up with Jen and later moved into the same area as her older sister’s family and attend the same church (L.D.S.). After their sister was diagnosed with a form of cancer the bills were going to begin flowing as a bone marrow transplant was going to be necessary for this wonderful mother, wife, sister, daughter. I donated a newborn session hoping to bring in some extra donations for their wonderful cause. Low and behold the family and some friends were looking at the session wanting it for them selves. Happily a family member purchased it as a gift for the youngest brother and his beautiful wife and their soon to be first little one. I was brought to tears when I realized that it stayed in the family to help the family. Amazing people doing amazing things for sweet reasons.

Graham {Newborn} | Mesa, Arizona Newborn Photographer

This little man had sooo much adorably fluffy hair! I love when babies have hair. Probably because my three were pretty bald… peach fuzz is all they pretty much had. The fact that when freshly washed it fluffs up like a baby chicks down is so sweet in pictures. Enough with my infatuation with babies having fluffy hair…

This is Graham. He was a little dream. When he was awake he just quietly would lie and take it all in with those big blue gray eyes. Not once did he cry the entire time. Not the norm. Newborns normally get fussy once or twice (each baby is different some sleep the whole time and some cry every few minutes) during the session. But patience is a big part of working with the tiny squishy ones this new.

Amelia {Newborn} | Mesa, Arizona Newborn Photographer

Still playing catch up on posting. These aren’t in order of session date. So if you don’t see your photos don’t worry they are on the list.

I don’t think that I could ever get tired of working with tiny ones. I really do melt when I get to work with them. This little beauty was only 11 days old for her first session with the camera. Mom and dad are family friends and this is their first ‘princess’. Love her pouty lips and creamy skin. Grandma requested angel wings. What do you think?

Not gone…

I have been so busy being wife, mommy and editing wonderful sessions I haven’t even had a chance to post any here… but you noticed didn’t you. Here is a quick shot of a gorgeous bride and groom to whet your appetite.

More to come soon. Enjoy.