laughing so serious

Finally catching up on the blog. Hope all had a Merry Christmas! And will have a Happy New Year! I have been happily editing sessions and had a tiny break for Christmas… now back to work.

This wonderful family was so much fun! Seriously they are amazing to photograph… and on top of that they all have hearts of gold and the most hilarious sense of humor! Such fun to be around. The first pic of gorgeous mama and papa was being taken and I turned around to mr. man PERCHED ON THIS POLE!!!(second pic) Mama says ‘That’s him!’. I loved it! Had to take a pic. Daughter was a beauty and man can she sing! This family brought a ‘friend’ along… well she seemed like family that’s for sure, and had them laughing the whole time. Any serious pictures were only by making her face the opposite direction as she would start singing and dancing and everyone (myself not excluded) would begin roaring with laughter.
Thanks for being AMAZING!

1 year old madness

Much awaited previews. Warning more than 3 pictures. (wink wink) I have been photographing this family since their littlest one was born. Well she is one and now all over the place. I included a few shots of her running out of the frame. She did that all night! She was so cute and busy. Loved it! Grandma was behind me doing everything in her power to get her to smile and stay put. She had other plans and they didn’t include being in a picture. Thanks again! You guys were great as always.

Dover come on over

This awesome family bid on and won the session from Franklin South Elementary silent auction. It was fun to donate the session for such a good cause.

This was the second scheduled session for this family. The first session had to be moved as the sweetie in blue had suffered a head injury and was bruised and had scabs on her face. Isn’t it AMAZING how great she looks! She recovered super quick, gotta love that kiddos heal so fast. They arrived wearing these awesome colors! See how they aren’t matchy matchy?! They are coordinated with complimentary colors that just flow and are pleasing to the eye. Love it! And Mom even made the girl’s hair pieces.

Each of the kiddos were so cute. Baby was teething and surprisingly cooperative under the circumstances. She was just a little butter ball of blue eyes and creamy skin. Her smile was infectious. The little man was so melt-your-heart handsome! Those dimples… so cute. Both of the girls were so much fun. Big sister was wonderfully sweet. She did what I asked and simply glowed the whole time in her yellow dress. Very vintage sweet. Little miss Blue was a spitfire. She was super sassy fun.

Thank you again Dover family for the wonderful time!

Senior Zach {mesa senior photographer}

This time of year gets pretty busy for me and I LOVE it! It is so much fun with the holidays, sweaters, apple cider, family sessions and all of the seniors getting their sessions booked and shot. Some seniors prefer to wait until spring because of the extra bit of ‘growing’ that can happen. Both style and maturity. Sometimes the girls want to wait because they may change their hair style by the middle of the year or they just want a more green lush background for the session. I book senior sessions when asked. I don’t have cutoffs until the last week of April.

The first senior session I had was this guy’s sister. They are such a fun family and I can’t believe that they have another senior. I dragged this poor boy all over the place. He is so quiet that it made me laugh. I’d ask if he had any ideas of what he wanted….’nope’. So I decided that the tracks would be fun!

Barton’s R Us

This family have become family friends over the past 4 years we have lived in our house. I had the pleasure to shoot a ‘love’ session last year for mom and dad’s anniversary. Dad was so sweet. He called me in secret to plan on having me meet them at their ‘date’ location so I could follow them around and photograph them for a few hours. They didn’t have many pictures taken on their wedding day so he wanted to make new memories. HOW SWEET!

They wanted their family pictures at the Mesa, LDS Temple. Everything was beautiful as always. The kids were so funny. Mom and dad would hop around behind me all super crazy and it just made the kids laugh.

Thanks guys!

What a Tiger!

This little man was so cooperative. That is the only good thing that I can say about jaundice. He slept the whole time, right up till his doctors appointment. He was so sweet and just melted my heart each time he would smile and smirk. And he did it a lot during his session. Congratulations mom and dad… and big sister. He’s definitely a keeper.

My big girl blog!!!

Welcome to my blog. I have been having such fun (the term is used very loosely at the moment) It really wasn’t crazy hard to put the blog together. Just had to learn a new program and some different coding. But here we are. The website is following but still not quite there. So expect to see a splash page and that is it. We are working on the design and haven’t changed it from the old splash yet. So keep checking back here and on Face Book and you won’t miss it.

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out the new site. Let me know what you think.

All smiles…

This was such a fun session. Little ‘N’ had just been walking for a month or so and mom wanted to capture it through a photo session. ‘N’ had so much fun walking all over the park. She loved the ducks in the pond and discovered her first pine cone. We discovered that eating pine cones is not recommended. Hee hee. For the last outfit of the session I pulled out a lollipop that matched her pretty pettie and she immediately went to town licking away. Her face was so sticky by the end of the shoot that we had to make a stop by the bathroom for some washing. Those big blue eyes and chubber cheeks make me melt.

‘L’ Dettman newborn

I hate playing catchup. Really I do. I am playing catchup all over the place. There are times that I feel over extended wondering why did I agree to ‘do’ all of these things? When I know that my family comes first. Business and life second. Everything else last. Then I remember how much I love the feeling when I serve others.

This sweet newborn was the most tense little one that I have worked with. We could pose her as we wanted just fine… except those toes. Her toes were tense and flexed through most of the session. I couldn’t help but laugh at how her toes would really spread out any time we would try and get her legs in position. Have you seen her lips??? They are so big and pouty beautiful.

S McMullin itty bitty {newborn photographer, Mesa photographer}

Mama McMullin won this session when her family and friends voted for her on the Laura Sokol Photography facebook page. Keep an eye out on the facebook page. There may be more giveaways/contests in the near future.

Itty bitty S was a whopping ten days old when she had her first session. She was so sweet! We got her to sleep after a while and she was out cold. I was able to move her and she didn’t even bat an eyelash.

S McMullin newborn

S McMullin newborn

S McMullin newborn

S McMullin newborn

S McMullin newborn

S McMullin newborn

S McMullin newborn

S McMullin newborn

S McMullin newborn

S McMullin newborn

Yes, some of them are the same… I couln’t decide which one/style I liked best and decided to preview them anyway. Enjoy.