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Hi! My name is Laura and I am so glad you found my blog.

I'm a portrait photographer based in sunny Mesa, Arizona. Mom to 4 from teen to preschool and sports lover and wife of my best friend. This is where you will find sneak peeks of my latest sessions along with other fun stuff. Stick around a bit.... leave some love.... enjoy.

Sessions Sessions everywhere!

I again am not dead. I am not the best at keeping on top of posts. I am horrible at writing and feel that I enjoy reading other peoples writing much more than doing it myself. I am trying to get better at it. Hopefully this coming year will have much better things in store for my much neglected blog. Learning how to write better content is definitely on my list of to do’s. How about you? If you are feeling deprived of adorable pictures please find my FaceBook page at LauraSokolPhotography. Enjoy these sweet baby bump maternity session pictures. You’d never know it but this mama had to brave the swarms of mosquitoes to get these portraits. She was such a trooper. We’d walk back into the grass and they’d quickly swarm all around us. Thankfully I think most of them were males as we didn’t suffer too many bites. Sarah-126

Sarah-22 belle snow Sarah-54 pastel Sarah-67 Sarah-78

Allen Baptism session, Lock up your daughters! | {Mesa photographer, Baptism photographer, 8 is great}

Doesn’t your heart just melt!?! This little man turned 8 and chose to follow the Savior into the waters of baptism. His beautiful mom wanted pictures to add to his book. When I say book I don’t mean a regular scrapbook. Nope. I mean an awesome, hardbound, huge, lasts generations book. It is a business she has. She will go into your family blog and put a book together for you! is her blog. Her prices are amazing. I can’t believe the time and talent she puts into each personal book. Consider using her to put your family ‘Yearbook’ together.

This guy is a heart breaker! Plus he is a smarty pants to match. Lock up your daughters. Well at least the 6-9 year olds. Check out those lashes. Mom said ‘good luck getting him to smile’. I have my tricks and it was a blast getting him laughing.

I loved this one on one session. It was so much fun working with mom and little man. Thanks again!

Web Res--44

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Web Res--25

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Web Res--5

Mehan Family | {Potato Barn}

I have known this hot mama and papa since we were in high school. I can’t believe their kiddos are so grown up. We went to two different locations and the kids had some fun. When I asked them to jump on the train tracks it was so funny. Dad and son were having an ‘I can jump higher than you’ competition. I love getting to reconnect with friends through my business. Hearing “I saw your pictures and realized I knew the family.” is pretty cool. Enjoy.
Mehan Family-3

Mehan Family-52

Mehan Family-69

Mehan Family-114

Mehan Family-115

Mehan Family-138

Mehan Family-180

Mehan Family-405

Mehan Family-432

Mehan Family-477

Mehan Family-539-2

Giveaway Session | feeling the love

I have been feeling very blessed lately. Our family is happy. We have a roof over head. Business is good. There is running water. The kids are getting along. Little man is potty trained (before he turned 2… not bragging just loving not having to change big boy diapers!). The weather is beautiful here in AZ. Pinterest is crazy fun still. I can bake now that it isn’t blazing hot. These past few months are usually very slow in the photography world. I have been branching out and doing more newborn sessions and loving every second. I have even started doing birth sessions. I am amazed at how each mother uses strength to bring her child into the world. That I have had the privileged to capture these amazing very private special moments in people’s lives is such a blessing to me.

So with all of the gushyness of that I am having a Giveaway!  YAY!

I am giving away a mini session. Your family receives a 30 minutes of session time, on location (in Mesa, Gilbert, San Tan, Chandler) with 5 fully enhanced photos on a disc with your custom Christmas card design too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let me know what you think about this giveaway.

I am still building this business. It isn’t usually my busy season photographically but this past two months… I have been swamped in an awesome way! Thanks for sharing the love. I am still getting the images from this past November -now up for the blog! Crazy busy with fun families, seniors, newborns, soon to be BIRTH photography and kids school stuff.

Now I have noticed that when I am at a session I use two lenses primarily. Having to swap them out is a pain and I hate making my clients wait that split minute while I am doing so. I also would love to offer a mini video of the session with their portraits. So I am still saving up but what can it hurt to enter a contest to win that camera now? Nothing I guess. So.

Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

Check it out. The brides I have sent there have loved the site!

Have a wonderful early summer (if you are here in AZ)