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Hi! My name is Laura and I am so glad you found my blog.

I'm a portrait photographer based in sunny Mesa, Arizona. Mom to 4 from teen to preschool and sports lover and wife of my best friend. This is where you will find sneak peeks of my latest sessions along with other fun stuff. Stick around a bit.... leave some love.... enjoy.

Mehan Family | {Potato Barn}

I have known this hot mama and papa since we were in high school. I can’t believe their kiddos are so grown up. We went to two different locations and the kids had some fun. When I asked them to jump on the train tracks it was so funny. Dad and son were having an ‘I can jump higher than you’ competition. I love getting to reconnect with friends through my business. Hearing “I saw your pictures and realized I knew the family.” is pretty cool. Enjoy.
Mehan Family-3

Mehan Family-52

Mehan Family-69

Mehan Family-114

Mehan Family-115

Mehan Family-138

Mehan Family-180

Mehan Family-405

Mehan Family-432

Mehan Family-477

Mehan Family-539-2

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