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Hi! My name is Laura and I am so glad you found my blog.

I'm a portrait photographer based in sunny Mesa, Arizona. Mom to 4 from teen to preschool and sports lover and wife of my best friend. This is where you will find sneak peeks of my latest sessions along with other fun stuff. Stick around a bit.... leave some love.... enjoy.


This section is to help you with any questions you may have about sessions.

Q: What should I expect at a session?
A: Normally sessions run 1.5 – 2 hours long, newborn sessions may take longer (at no additional charge). If you request an outdoor session we will meet at the designated location. I will start with the group shots first then work my way through from youngest to oldest. This tends to ensure that the youngest kids stay happy and clean. If not then I work around it.

Studio sessions flow similarly to the outdoor sessions. I don’t have the capability to photograph groups larger than 3 or 4 at the present time. I am working on getting larger backdrops to fill this need. The studio session normally takes place at your home or an agreed location.

Q: Are there any tips I should know about getting the kids super cute for the session?
A: Yes, most definitely!
Before the session. First and foremost make sure that you schedule any haircuts a week before the session. This gives time for any cowlicks to be tamed or new styles to be figured out. Make sure that finger nails are cut 2 days before the session. This is especially important in young children and toddlers. They tend to scratch themselves on the face once you mention ‘family pictures’. Plus the dirt under the nail shows up in the photos.

The day of the session. Make sure that the day runs like your normal (if possible) or even lighter than it normally would. Don’t schedule any additional stresses for you or the children on picture day. Mom and dad being stressed is absorbed by the kids and it will show through in the pictures. If your children nap try and make sure that they get their naps in there. They are so much happier when they are well rested. Don’t let meals get skipped… this goes for dads as well. Hungry kids or daddies make for very unhappy campers. There is nothing like having a session near a restaurant and dad complaining of hunger pangs. Make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time to get the family ready hair and all for the session. Rushing to the session will just make the kids hyper or on edge.

Bring to the session. Make sure you have chapstick for the boys and light to no color lip gloss for the girls. Moist lips look sooo much better in pictures than dry cracked lips. Wet wipes (even if your family is older) can really come in handy for the little messes that may happen. Change of clothes or accessories. All sessions allow for one outfit change. If you don’t want to totally change everyone then you may just want to bring some different accessories. Snacks that aren’t messy. Sometimes the kids need something little to entice them to keeping happy. Snacks almost always work. Touch up makeup for mom and a compact mirror and a brush for hair.

Q: Can I bring props to my session?
A: I love clients bringing props to their session!!!
Feel free to bring a fave couch, a chair, tutus, hats, blankets, games you like, books, what ever describes you. Certain locations are enhanced by different props. Have fun with it.

Q: What should I expect with the newborn session?
A: Newborn sessions are very laid back and calm. I prefer the baby to be between 4 and 12 days old. Any older and it is more difficult to get the sweet slumbering pictures. They tend to last longer than normal sessions because if we need to give the newborn breaks we take a break. Nursing and diaper changes take precedence over all while pictures. I bring the session to you. Mom is most comfortable in her own home after the baby is born.

Even though the session is for baby I ask that mom and dad are ready to be in some of the pictures. If dad is able to be present for the session it makes it even more special because we are able to take family shots and daddy baby shots. Moms make sure that you go simple on the makeup. Nothing to take away from your natural beauty with baby. Wear a simple solid shirt for the family photo and bring a black shirt for additional photos.